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Wife doesn't fight fair

I have been married for 5 years and the first 2 years were great but we started having fights when we had our first kid.
She thinks that I am not around taking care of the family like a man should.
But that’s not the case.
I have been a loyal husband and am a caring father but she keep nagging me about small things like maybe if I am watching a TV for more than 15 mins, she starts howling like I have commited the greatest sin or something.
I mean I can’t talk like here and everytime I try to explain my case she talks about a ton of things and makes it sure that I feel bad and guilty.
I don’t like being at home, nowdays.
It’s suffocating.
I fell I am heading for a divorce but I don’t want my kids to suffer.
Please any suggestion on how I can improve our relationship.

3 Answers

Lucky- Answered:

Write a letter to your wife explaining each and every aspect your problem and the emotions associated with it. If you can not sit around her for a while and share the problem, an effort at writing can really help! Writing inexplicitly depicts the deepest emotioms of one's heart. It can really be helpful in your case. You married her for some reasons and it is not right to bend your knees before time. Yet, it would be you who is going to decide the right time for divorce. You may also explore the past reasons for marrying the particular woman, ponder over them and then, decide on whether to go for divorce or not!

Asdassss Answered:

your situation is just sad - and is the case with most couples. one more reason to not marry. just my thought.

Lucky- Answered:

In times of great distress, honesty is the best solution. Take the help of a counselor. You guys need to sort this out by listening to each other not by avoiding each other. Try to look at her good qualities and neglect the bad ones. It really helps. Amd most important of all - don't be afraid to show your love for her everytime you get the chance.

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