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Should I leave?

Hi, My husband and I are recently married.
We had been together for about 18mnths and living together with our children for 12mnths.
 He has one daughter and I have two daughters, all between the ages of 8 and 13.
My husband is 16yrs my senior and very financially stable.
I was a single mother struggling with my mortgage when we started dating.
I had made a number of bad choices in previous partners and was blown away with my new man, although I sometimes felt a little uncomfortable with his affection and odd behaviour sometimes.
I put it off to not being used to having an attentive spouse.
Everything seemed great! Until the honeymoon, I noticed him pointing his phone in my direction a few times whilst we were out doing things, on our last night I decided to check what was going on, I knew his password and he always said I could access his phone whenever I wanted.
So I started looking for the photos I thought he might be taking on the DL.
I was devastated to find a number of photos of my crouch, breasts, bum and a 5min long video of me taking a shower.
I'm horrified! i had opened up to my him about sexual abuse I suffered as a child only a few night before he had taken this video.
He was fully aware how uncomfortable this would make me.
I feel sick to my stomach at the thought of being intimate with him ever again.
I feel betrayed and mortified! I don't think I will ever see him the same way! But I'm so scared, I sold my home and invested a lot of money into a business that is still in its infancy, He won't give me access to the bank accounts so I have no clue about our financials.
My kids are living a complexity different lifestyle and I'm sad that this might effect them now too.
But I won't ever trust him again or feel attracted to him.
I want to leave but I have no way out.
We don't talk, I sleep in the spare room, i feel uncomfortable in our home, especially in the bathroom.
This has been going on for months and I don't know what to do.

1 Answers

Olife Answered:

In my Opinion, If it's Barden for you and your kids then you should leave. Because Kids need better future. You don't have any right to spoiled their future, Just Think on it. 

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