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What’s your experience with divorce or marriage involving a spouse with PTSD?

So recently I found out my wife had been having an emotional affair with an old friend for about four months and now our marriage is on the rocks.
The short version of our story is I have struggled with PTSD for 13 years and let me say it hasn't been easy for her.
I thought things were ok for a few years but now I find out they are not.
She says I am emotionally distant and don't show love.
I feel like I do but apparently not as much as she likes.
I've already forgiven her but she's just not sure she can stay with me.
I have done as much as one person can do.
She feels PTSD is an excuse.
What happened with your marriage/divorce as a result of a spouse having ptsd?

1 Answers

Rosy Andrews Answered:

I don't personally have experience with PTSD, but I can imagine how hard it must be on a marriage - on both sides!
It sounds like you and your wife could use a shot of communication in your marriage. You clearly love her but there has been an emotional disconnect between the two of you (or at least she feels that way).
Therapy isn't everyone's cup of tea. After all, who likes baring their souls to near strangers? I know a few people who will find it very difficult.
But there are a lot of great online marriage therapy tools that can help you and your wife reconnect and build up your emotional intimacy.
There's an excellent article that discusses the benefits of online couple’s therapy . I think you'll enjoy the read.
Hope you find a solution soon!

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