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Is texting cheating?

Found out my husband has been texting a girl he knew from grade school (we are 45).
She lives 2000 miles away, and they haven’t seen each other since grade school.
He said he has been texting her for a year, that she was just someone to talk over his problems with.
He said he did end up having feelings for her, but it was never going to go past texting.
I found out “by mistake”.
I am hurt and betrayed that he has hidden it from me! But, I understand the reasons, I never wanted to talk.
He said he has told her that they can’t text anymore.
I believe him, but still have the lingering thoughts and hurt.
Am I wrong?

1 Answers

David Dawson Answered:

You are not wrong at all to feel hurt and betrayed!
It sounds like your husband was having an emotional affair. He stepped outside of your marriage to discuss things with another woman that are normally reserved for husbands and wives. Not to mention, he admitted to having feelings for her.
It's good that you believe your husband and that you can acknowledge there is an area of your marriage that could use some work. The two of you need to work on your communication skills ASAP!
There is an amazing article on this topic that's all about easy and effective couple’s communication tips ”that can strengthen your marriage.

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