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How to get your husband to help

My husband works an 8-5 job also occasionally has side work from home .
He maintains yard helps with dog and 7 year old son.
I work 3 hours a day volunteer at sons school twice a week maintain home get son to after school activities and by end of day I am tired.
My Husband doesn't do much to help with inside of house and feels unappreciated for what he does do when I complain.
He said I just need to ask not complain but I feel like he is an adult I shouldn't have to ask to help me fold or pick up your socks when he sees me still working at 8pm and he is watching tv.
 At times I do ask and he says ok then forgets to do it .
He makes this comment jokingly and says I don't help him outside and this frustrates me because I feel like he really means it.
Just don't know how to handle this.

1 Answers

Sophia Answered:

Always remember that you catch more flies with honey!
Nobody likes a nag, and even though your husband chilling out on the couch after a long day of work may be frustrating, it is always better to ask for his help than to yell at him or belittle him. That is not the best way to get someone to help you.
You're both tired, you both have a lot to do during the day and are likely both exhausted by the end of the day. Instead of complaining, tell your husband how much you appreciate when he helps you out even though he's worked a hard day.
Here's a detailed article about marriage expectations that don't live up to our reality that I think you'll find interesting to read:
Good luck!

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