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Does your man drool over other women on social media?

My boyfriend says he loves me.
He says he doesn't want to be with anybody else and looks forward to getting married.
But - I've caught him liking and commenting on pictures of other women (in lingerie, sexy pictures, new cute profile pictures) on Facebook and Instagram.
My view of love is only having eyes for the person you love.
Yeah, a picture may catch your eye but do you go a far as to like, love, or comment on the picture? What does this mean for our relationship? I've made my own conclusions of course.
Do other men do this and their significant other just deal with it? I'm having a hard time comprehending his love for me and these other women on social media.

1 Answers

David Dawson Answered:

My husband never likes other pictures of women on social media (well, not sexy ones!)
That being said, my husband and I have always had a very "I won't do things that I don't want you to do" understanding. If he doesn't want me seeking out and liking sexy pictures of men, he won't like sexy pictures of women.
I think you should talk to your boyfriend about sexual boundaries. Ask him how he would feel if you were talking to hot guys online and liking shirtless pictures of fit guys. Tell him it makes you uncomfortable and start a dialogue about it.
There's a fascinating article I read all about how social media can negatively affect your marriage and it discusses ways to prevent social media mistakes from ruining your relationship. I highly suggest giving it a read.

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