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Is she just married me for Green Card?

I first met my wife on** matrimonial site **( website).
We talked over the phone , whatsapp for last 8 months .
I went to India and first time I met her in person in her family.
Her family members seem cold.
I am honest , straight forward and talkative .
I am a **Bengali guy** .
While we were talking last 8 months over phone , she said she is a Bengali girl.
But while met her family , I realized that she is NOT a Bengali girl.
Ethnically, she is a Hindi speaking **Bihari girl**, but she can speak in Bengali language perfectly & fluently .
*She lied to me , pretending ( over the phone) that she is a Bengali girl.
* Because I visited India for a short time , within 2 days we got married after we first met in person in India.
Usually wedding happens at bride's city, but she didn't agree to do Temple short religious wedding at her own city.
She came to my (groom) city only with her parents & brother for temple religious 30 minutes wedding .
She said, because of short time , she did not manage to do wedding in her own city.
*Why she did not agree to do wedding in her own home/city ? ( suspicious behavior)* After marriage , the first day of intimacy with her was **weird.
**She seems very very experienced in sex.
She was making fun of me , **disrespect** at the first night .
After few days , I returned to the USA.
When I call her from USA to India , she seems cold and gave me many excuses , why she can not pick up the phone .
Then I asked my sister ( India) to check her smartphone secretly .
My sister found out , my new wife talked with many guys over phone and texts and **flirting online with many guys** in India.
In addition, she complained against me that I call her so frequently , she gets annoyed.
*She does not have time to talk to me , but in the meantime , she flirts with many guys online* I filed the "Immigrant Visa" petition for her .
It took almost 12 month to get Immigrant Visa interview at US Embassy .
After 3 months of marriage , one of her neighbors texts me , saying your new wife previously married once & divorced once.
I am surprised .
She said before my marriage that she never been married before.
*She did ****hide her previous marriage & divorce*** Because I was suspicious , I told her ( India) from USA that can you check your blood test .
She did STD, blood test in India.
She told me over the phone that she is fine , nothing found in blood test.
But my gut feeling said, something is not right.
I called Indian hospital, where she did blood test .
One Indian doctor is known to me at that hospital .
The doctor send me whole blood test report via email to USA.
I am surprised that , she is Infected with **Hepatitis C **and she is taking medicines for that for last few months .
*The whole ****Hepatitis C infection she did hide to me ****.
I could get infection from her , but she did not care.
* I am 47 year old guy, a US citizen , have no kids, living in the USA.
My new wife is 19 years younger than me and she is not currently pregnant.
***Questions to everyone :*** (1) Is she **trustworthy **at all ? (2) She got appointment date for IV interview at US Embassy .
I already asked US Embassy to **reschedule** my wife's visa interview, so that I can get more time to Rethink about marriage and bringing her to USA with Green Card ? (3) Should I **withdraw** my "Immigrant Visa" application / petition for my new wife ? (4) Should I file for Divorce ? *Please advise me and give me your opinion.
* *Thank you in advance .

1 Answers

Andrew Answered:

Starting a relationship with a lie, even something like her telling you that she is a Bengali girl isn't a great way to begin a life together.
That being said, you did marry her *after* you found that out, so clearly it didn't bother you that much.
I do find it a little suspicious that a doctor would give private information about your wife to you. That seems a little... illegal?
It sounds like your wife is not a trustworthy person at all and if it were me, I would not go through with bringing her to the USA. It sounds like she is playing you and did not get married to you for the right reasons.
There's an article you may want to read all about the 8 signs that you've married the wrong person . If any (or all) of the signs listed check off your list, you may be in trouble!

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