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She loves me so much she would rather leave then have me lose one of my best friends.

This girl is everything on my life.
She is normally the reason I get out of bed.
She motivates me to keep going every day, but she almost broke up with me.
She has gone through two extremely crappy relationships where she was emotionally abused, but I don't understand why she thinks that her leaving would save my friendship.
If I'm losing one of my friends then there is no way it would be connected to her.
What I would need is her support trying to figure out whether or not to let the friend go because it's for the better, or help figuring out the problem.
If she left, the would be losing my friend still because I couldn't focus on that problem, and I would also be losing my soulmate, the love of my life, and my best friend all in one.
I just don't understand why she thinks it would help.

2 Answers


When the person you love can't see your love for them beneath the painful things you say when they reject you, remember this: Love is blind


That is a tough one, I hope you have already thought of something that would resolve the situation.

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