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Should I file for a divorce?

I was addicted to drinking Alcohol while married.
I was making my wife miserable.
I was also miserable and was always depressed.
My wife moved out and moved in with her parents.
Since then, I have changed my life style.
I started attending counseling and AA meetings.
I found out by a friend that my wife was seen jumping into a car with a male coworker.
She denied any claims she knew the guy.
I messaged the co-workers wife through facebook asking her if she was aware of my wife and her husband hanging out.
She said no but wouldn’t be surprised if he did.
He had cheated on her a few months before this.
She questioned him and admitted to just talking to her secretly through snapchat.
My wife finally admitted that she would only message with him and never hung out with him anywhere outside of work.
Since then, I have maintained 5 months of sobriety and doing a lot of praying that our marriage would be recovered.
She has showed some signs of wanting to make our marriage work.
But I started noticing she only hangs out with me whenever she feels like it.
She is still living with her family.
I asked her if she wants a divorce and she says no, that she can’t picture a life without me.
But when I call her after work she does not pick up or ignores my calls and doesn’t call me back till the next day.
She always has an excuse of why she didn’t pick up.
She accuses me of messaging other girls, but I have never done so.
I don’t know what to do at this point.
I hate living a life of anxiety, and insecurity.
Any advice would be great.

1 Answers

You have to apologise to your wife for making her life miserable. She cheated on you because you were not there for her emotionally to feel the vacuum you are supposed to feel in her love life. After the apologies, start doing those things that made her to be madly in love with you in the beginning of your Marriage with her which made her to marry you because she's still having feeling for the other man she cheated with that's why she is not giving you the attention you deserve from her.

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