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Should I confront my cheating husband now or wait until I get more financial stable?

2007 we got married.
11 months into our marriage he cheated I found out 3 months into it.
5 months later he cheated again with the same girl.
I stayed I had young kids.
I didn’t want to.
2010 I got some one to flirt with him and he was contacting her until he called and my other friend answered it and he thought something was up ( we never talked about it).
2014 I found pictures of a girl and his number on WhatsApp.
( I never confronted him).
I thought he was cheating all the time but no evidence.
2017 October I found out I had breast cancer.
2019 January I found out other at our store thought he was messing around with a 17 year old girl.
Some of the stuff I heard she was say was stuff he says to me.
Like I don’t care and I’m not treating him right.
I don’t have good evidence there either no one want to tell the truth.
He spent 60 at the nail salon and I got a gift certificate for 40.
He said his cousin gave him money for one for his wife but the cousin denied that.
Nail place does keep receipts I checked.
He has multiple phone he plays a game on and when all this started this year I stared looking at them.
He had had line vibe another phone number and snap chat also a girls photo.
I want so bad for this to end but I only make about 1000 a month.
We have a failing business together and he has a mild one on his own.
So should I spill the beans or get more evidence or wait to spill the beans when I’m better off financially .

1 Answers

Rosy Andrews Answered:

I think there is no doubt that your husband is cheating on you and personally, I wouldn't stay with him a second longer. He has cheated on you throughout your whole marriage, even while you had cancer! Not to mention he went around with a seventeen-year-old child, which is absolutely reprehensible.
There's an article I want to suggest to you. It's all about how to deal with a cheater and talks about such things as not blaming yourself, gathering evidence, taking time for yourself, and the confrontation. It's a great read and may help you make up your mind. You can find it here:

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