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is the marriage worth saving/should i walk

Situtation: I got married and found out I was pregnant with our first child(son).
i recieved an envelope in the mail with baby pictures from a woman claiming my husband is the father.
He knew about this but did not tell me until i got he pictures in the mail!! i was newly married and carrying our first child.
I stayed with him but i have this resentment towards him.
please help

1 Answers

Henery Brown Answered:

Oh wow, that's intense! I cannot imagine spending those first few months of what is supposed to be wedded bliss realizing that my husband got someone else pregnant.
Did he sleep with this woman while you were dating? If so, that is a gigantic problem.
I can see where you're coming from, questioning if your marriage is worth saving, especially because you have a child together.
Just remember that divorce isn't as easy as not wanting to be with someone anymore. It's a financially and EMOTIONALLY taxing process. Therefore, before jumping in, I highly suggest reading the article "Should I Get a Divorce? 5 Questions to Ask Yourself" (found here: so you can get a true idea of what leaving your partner will really be like.
Also, it is very important that both of you go for marriage counseling. It will give you the right direction as the therapist/counselor can guide you with the grief you have experienced and what to do in the future.

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