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Should I break with him?

I'm dating with my boyfriend almost 4 years.
Everything starts from BIIG loooove and during the first year of our relationships we had wonderful time together, romantic dates, great sex etc.
I thought it was atrue love, but than I realized he's not exactly that man I knew hem before.
he started to spend a lot of time with his friends, got drunked every time, lost his job, and there were so so many times he cheated.
My decision was to break withhim and I did it! but after a few months he suddenly left drinking, pertying etc.
and said he can't live without me, loves me from the moon and back and blabla I believed him and we started to date again but after 3 or 3 months the same things happened and I had to leave it all again.
I was alone for almost half a year and than he started to "love" me again, that time I used to have skin cancer and the only person who stayed with me during that difficult period was that man.
That's why I believed him again and we started everything from the very beginning now we live together but every time he goes somewhere with his friends or tells me he loves me I just can't believe it till the end always have some doubts or so.
Even think this can become the reason for our final break but I still can't take this decision.
What shall I do??

1 Answers

Andrew Answered:

Repeated cheating is not a great foundation for a relationship. It sounds like your boyfriend has been through a lot - and put YOU through a lot!
That being said, he could have gotten a real scare by your cancer and it may have caused him to re-evaluate what is important in his life. You.
Only you know whether or not you really want to break up. That being said, there's a great article all about the 10 telltale signs that it's time to end your relationship. You may want to give the article a read and see how many boxes you tick off.
You can find the article here:

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