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14 best way to make any woman to fall in love with you. 1) Bath with her. It absolutely romantic when you bath with your woman especially when you option to bath her. Don't make her to feel shy, right in the bathroom admire her body, her Womanhood, tell her how beautiful she's in her birthday suits. Play with her endowment for some minutes before bathing her. Every woman loves it and you can also give her the opportunity to bath you too. 2) Give her surprise gifts. No one will deny been happy for receiving a surprise gifts from either a family member, a friend, a colleague, or from a partner. Buy her favorite fruits or her favorite snacks or her favorite wears especially when you know that she needs them. Waiting for her to always ask you for it doesn't make you romantic and a caring man. In as much you are capable of doing it, do it for her unaware, it shows she is after your Heart. With all these mentioned above, you can win the heart of any woman, due to the fact that she has seen how...

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