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Feeling Down and Out

I have been experiencing depression for years, although I am afraid to receive treatment.
I’m so afraid of my judgmental husband.
I’m not saying that he is controlling but very judgmental of people with mental health illness.
I really feel like at this point in my life, I need some medication.
Should I tell my husband or stick this out?

5 Answers

Graham Answered:

First of all, depression is just a term and it is probably the most meaningless term in english. I prefer to call it emotional disturbance and every single person on this earth who has ever took any strong decision in his/her life suffers from emotional disturbance once or repeatedly in life. Second, you must be positive with things. You need to be strong in your mind. You need to take some decisions, rather paradoxical decisions to feel powerful and special. Now, I do not really know the exact reason for your emotional disturbance otherwise I would have suggested many things. Whatever! You should give importance to things you have not yet given in your life but always wanted to. Third, it is your wish to tell your husband about this thing or not! he might actually understand you really well against your skepticism, that 's what partners are for. Isn't it? By the way, you are having this thing for years. How come your husband doesn't know about it for so long since you are living with him? Such things are really visible on face. Fourth, You should consult a doctor and take medication if you feel so. Though, I would suggest some yoga and meditation side-by-side.

Sally_t Answered:

Have you ever tried the holistic way of battling depression? My husband threatens to take away the kids if I ever took anti-depressants. So, I’ve been using this herbal tea for a few months and exercising regularly. I’m still struggling day to day. Some days are better than others, but I couldn’t imagine living without my kids in my life. Hey Hey ...................

Veronica_44 Answered:

I had to read your post several times. Not that I didn’t understand what you wrote or that I’m illiterate. I was amazed at your concern with your husband's ridicule, than your well-being. I hope you are a young couple and bounce back.

Sammy Answered:

If mental health illnesses were so easily cured, then there would not be so many homeless people around the world. You need to take care of yourself and do what is best for you. Your depressive symptoms affect you but can impede your relationship rapidly, if not treated properly. We never experienced this in our marriage, but my sister-in-law did. Her husband lashed out on her when he found out about her taking medication for depression. Well, she abruptly stopped her meds and never followed up with her doctor. A few after stopping her pills, she relapsed and attempted suicide.

Rebeccas_dmp Answered:

Hey, there’s no point being afraid about what other people thinks about you. Be it even your husband. I fact you should be able to confide in your husband even more. If he’s judgmental about it then he should get a treatment instead. Do not feel ashamed about your condition. Fight it and be strong. God bless.

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