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Can you save a sexless/ childless marriage?

Hi all, my husband and I have been married for almost 3 years were both in our late 20s and have no children.
We currently haven't had any intimacy for 3 months last night.
His family have been pressuring me to have a child which also makes it hard.
He has moved into our spare room for sleeping and wants to spend all of his spare time with his friends.
When I ask if I can come with him or hang out with them he always says a chore that needs doing.
We both work full time jobs and theres nothing.
It feels like were just really good house mates.
I still love him but I'm just not receiving anything in return.
Is there a way to save this?

1 Answers

Henery Brown Answered:

Being in your late 20s is hardly the time for your sex life to be dwindling - especially if you don't have any kids!
It sounds like your husband has physically and emotionally distanced himself from you.
I found this great article that talks about lack of intimacy in marriage (check it here), how it affects your relationship, and what to do about it. I recommend giving it a read when you have some free time.

I would highly suggest going to marriage counseling. Also, talk to your husband about how you feel. Tell him, calmly (I cannot stress this enough) that you no longer feel like married partners or even friends, considering he doesn't even want to socialize with you.
Ask him if he wants to continue with the marriage and if he doesn't, or gives you an unsure response, you have your answer!

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