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Emotionally Abandoned

I love my husband to death but sometimes I feel like he emotionally abandons me.
I was reading an article on the internet a few days ago about men who emotionally detach themselves after marriage.
It was funny to read an article about something I have experienced for the last two years of our marriage.
The moment the honeymoon was over, so was his effort of emotional support towards me.
I try my darn hardest to emotionally support him, even though it feels like he doesn’t emotionally support me.
I just want some emotional support from my husband, please help!

4 Answers

Sylvia Answered:

You need to tell him exactly what you feel. Some men are just emotionally distant; you need to express your feelings nicely to him. Spend more time, create a setting where he can also be more emotionally open with you. Like a romantic movie at home or dinner perhaps?

Sally_t Answered:

My first question to you: Was your husband emotionally affectionate before you got married? I really hope you didn’t expect something from him after marriage, if you didn’t get it before the marriage. If you did or thought he would change, then you’re in for a rude awakening.

Ryan_dcruz Answered:

Men are such retards! I have to remind him all the time. It’s like talking to a child and reminding them to clean their room. Men!

Bestbetty87 Answered:

We as men are emotionally not affectionate species. You have to tell us what you want and need.

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