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Help my wife is abusing me and I'm crying because I'm powerless and women here reading this are laughing probably

So me and my wife are in love.
She's from Ukraine who hates dealing with courts and police, and I'm middle eastern Armenian Christian who also hates dealing with police and courts because let's face it only children go to court to fight each other brutally and heartlessly after supposedly having "loved each other" but now they can't talk like mature people and go to court make everything public and humiliate each other and Make minor situations huge and impossible to recover from.
Anyway sorry for the rant but on to abuse So because my wife loves me and agrees to let me when I want due certain things in bed, she now thinks (and knows I will never report it due to not wanting this to get out in public and be shamed so I let the abuse happen), always makes me go down on her and eat her down there for up to an hour usually half an hour a day by force.
I can never stop sex when I'm tired I must always continue until she wants it.
But also this isn't the main thing, you see my wife thinks if I have the right to dump my liquids from my body on her beautiful face or mouth and she loves it (which she does), that means she has the right to pay me back with the same thing too.
Except she drinks a gallon of water and by this point BTW I'm like two years deep in this kind of life, she drinks water knowing if I finish my deed on her face, then she forces me to the bathroom and shower makes me get down, and then tells me to open my mouth so she urinates in it.
And I MUST drink it.
When I couldn't and midway spit out a little bit she punched me so hard in my eye and then grabbed my head without apology and told me "never disrespect her again by spitting something from her body if she loves me, and to be a good bich and open my mouth and continue drinking" At least once a week I have to spend 1 sometimes two entire minutes drinking her urine non stop as she relieves herself in my mouth and then tell hee thank you, all because sometimes I ejaculwte in her mouth, but the difference is I never force her I ask her and don't punch her.
She has hit me many times I have refused.
I don't know if she's lying about saying this is how women handle their men in Ukraine who try and use their women without honoring them and paying them back.
She does genuinely love me but I can't stand the dichotomy of me being so dominant and always the main authority in any room or place im in even with my wife, until she decides to urinate in my mouth knowing I won't say anything to police, knowing she has recorded me doing it many times, knowing I would never hit her or even insult her because I love her, and thus I've been brainwashed to accept it and appreciate it when she does that and I need help.

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