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Should I divorce or not?

Hey wanted to ask for advise? Me and my husband dated for 3 yrs and got married last year october 2018.
We know each other from high school and had a one night stand.
I have 3 kids aged 15, 13 and 12 two boys and oldest a girl (their dad died 7rs ago in a car accident and my mother died of cancer last year december) and he has a girl aged 14 from a 12yr relationship.
From the time we started dating he was carefree and was between me and his baby mamma and later on other women.
Together and not together many atimes up until last year when i just had enough and he begged and cried and looked like he really changed but soon after marriage its like i dont know him anymore.
Like im his posession and what he says must be and happen.
And when we argue he tells me about looking for another woman.
Later on he would say he didnt mean it just mad at the moment but i can never do that.
I have had problems with my imlaws where he was discussing me and my kids with his mother and brother and they entertained it.
And recently i had a problem with my daughter with her cutting herself and the school called us in.
And they mentioned something that she said about him.
He now made the problem about him and not about the issue of my daughter.
And the teacher said he just pretended and he is very controlling.
We regularly argue infront of the kids and when i tell him we must not do it because he starts it than he says that is how he is and will always be.
He has even threatened infront of my son to shoot me in a argue angry face later he says he was not serious but he regularly says it when we argue.
I have had enough of this mental abuse psycological and turning physical now too at times.
Im just tired and not valued.
Than im good enough than not every 2nd week we argue or at least every month than i sleep for couple days in my sons room with them.
Financially i contribute to the household expenses.
When we argue also he does not transport me than i have to take taxi or ask my colleagues for lift to work and back.
And when he feels we fine thn he transports me again.
Im feeling drained and tired.
I just want a divorce and move on and be peacefully with my kids.
If this is how love looks like im not doing again.

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