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Husband hates job, how to be supportive but still realistic

My husband currently works multiple part time jobs and complains about all of them multiple times a week and has recently said that he will likely quit one or two of them within the next year.
I have a great paying but high stress job; I’m fine with being the bread winner in the family but we have a lot of expenses including childcare and mortgage I’m currently the only one saving any money for our emergency fund or retirement and so while trying to be supportive I’m also concerned that he’s making decisions that affect our monthly income without having any plan in place to replace the income simply because he’s not happy at current jobs.
When I ask what he’d like to do instead and what plan will be he gets upset with me.
Unsure what to do.
should I just let it go?

3 Answers


better ask him if what job that can make him happy? being a supportive partner is not an issue but the question is... are you ready for the pros and cons?


Support each and better yet plan out what other possible options he can have without compromising his mental health.


I wouldnt let it go. No one likes their jobs! It is what it is! Tell him to line something else up ahead of time if he has to make a move

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