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what about having a dental implant prior to marriage?

Hey, I'm getting married to my boyfriend in three months.
We have been dating for the past four years and already had three breakups! This time we ensure not to regret another break up that is why we are getting married at the earliest.
I don't have my left canine, I lost it when I was in college.
So far it doesn't cause any unfortunate impacts on my beauty or smile, but my guy used to tease me on that.
He used to tell me to have a teeth implant, now he doesn't! So I'm planning to visit a clinic for dental implants here in Oakville.
I just read their reviews on Yelp also visited their website, seems kind of satisfying.
I have done a bit of online reading and found the recovery process of dental implants will take up to 2 months.
At the same time, a few other journals state that it can take up to 6 months, which is correct? But before doing that, is it will be a turn off for him if he knew that I'm kind of trying to impress him?

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