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Husband wont make our vacation a priority

We took a vacation to Hawaii recently paid for by my parents as they wanted to make a special trip with the family.
In the process of planning, I began to think about why we don't vacation more.
We have no kids so why not? I shared with my husband that I wanted to travel more and he got super excited.
I set up an account for us to put money into so we can afford a trip in a couple of years.
To date, he has not put in 1 dime.
He's the tilype to get mad if he feels I'm nagging him so I say nothing.
Meanwhile, he seems to have money to take extended weekend trips with his buddies.
I don't complain about this as it is his money and I know he needs time with the guys.
But then he gets a vacation while I go nowhere.
If I do all the saving then I feel like I'm rewarding him with a trip he didn't work for.
I have been putting in long days at work and he doesn't seem to care to contribute.
I don't expect him to save aggressively as I do but I just want to know that he's got skin in the game.
Even $50 a month is fine, just something.
How do I get him to contribute without sounding like I'm nagging or starting a fight?

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