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Out to dinner with best friend?

My marriage has been on the rocks for some time now.
My wife has expressed her need for someone to feel romantically and emocionally attracted to, something she doesn't feel for me anymore.
This past weekend I went out of town to visit my mom.
When I came back, I checked the security cameras and I discovered that on Saturday my wife had left the house at 2pm and returned at 1am, Sunday morning.
At first I did not want to say anything but I could not hold it any longer so I asked her.
She said that she had gone out to dinner with her female friend, a friend that she has known for a long time but who she rarely hangs out with.
At first she seemed surprise that I ask or that I knew of her outing.
I told her that it was strange that she was out so late and she got defensive.
She told me that she did not want to argue and that basically it was up to me to believe her or not.
She did this same thing some time ago.
I told her that it was strange that she only went out with this friend (and return so late) when I was out of town.
I asked her why it was that when I was around, they never went out to dinner? She said that she didn't know.
I don't belive that she went with her friend.
what do you guys think?

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