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Dinner with a friend

My wife and I have been having problems for some time now, our marriage has been on the rocks for a couple of years.
She has expressed her unhappiness, her lack of motivation, and her desire to have someone with whom she could talk to and feel passionate about.
She doesn't feel that with me anymore.
She has a good famale friend, her only friend and confidant with whom she seldom goes out with.
Well, this past weekend I went to visit my mom out of town and when I came back, I checked the house security cameras and I noticed that my wife left the house on Saturday at around 2pm and return at 1 am.
I didn't say anything at first but I just couldn't take it anymore so I asked where she went.
She said that she and her friend went out to dinner.
I asked her that it seemed kind of late to return home from dinner (note, she never visits the friend house, so, I know they weren't there).
At this point she got defensive and said that she didn't want to argue and that she they went to dinner and stayed late talking and that was it.
I told her that I found it strange that they never go out when I am around and only do it when I am gone and she (my wife) comes late from this supposedly dinners.
I must add that she had a male "friend" with whom she talked and texted.
What do you guys think about this?

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