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I need advice on letting go of old wounds

I think my relationship in general is great.
We get a long well, we help each other out.
However, his friends have always been an issue in our relationship.
there is history of him sexting and flirting.
However, that was many years ago.
He's changed and I know it 100%.
However, everytime his friends are around, I still feel like i need to compete.
We used to never really go out and if we did, it was cuz I'd fight about it with him.
But he always seemed to wanna go out with his friends more than me.
we would see each other regularly but i could barely even get to go out on dates with him.
So I have a lot of resentment towards him and his friends.
I seem to still not be able to get over it.
But things are different now and I know it.
I jst can't help but to feel threatened about his friends.
I keep fucking it up bc I keep bringing old things up and I know i'm not supposed to.
But when he regularly goes out with his friends and It really pisses me off.
We go out now and I know I can tag along with them sometimes.
I am going to therapy with him and all that.
I jst don't know how to find it in me to jst let go and relax into everything.
Idk if i'm jst too damaged now and it's jst too late.
i don't know.
Please help!

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