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iam afraid to show my true feelings and emotions to my new partner is thia normal?

ive left an abusive marriage and have met a new man who genuinley loves me and cares about me.
we are engaged to be married too and i really love him aswell but iam really afraid to show him my true and derp inner ferlings.
he shows me so much love and affection the kind that always deeply wished for since i was a young girl.
i hold back alot of emotions when iam with him and do my best to conceal it all.
he always initiates kissing and the sexual side of things he is more dominant which i prefer.
even though he keeps telling me to be open with him and that he really deeply loves and cares for me i feel so afraid to show any emtion or express my true deep love to him.
i am afraid he might leave me oneday or be put off if he sees me weak.
is this normal? and is there anyone else had these same issues?

1 Answers

xena16 Answered:

If you planning to get married. You need to be honest with your partner Before Marriage, This man adores you. There is no answer for you. But DO NOT GET MARRIED Feeling like this. That is a NO NO. Honesty and Trust make a marriage and you dont have it. Zena16

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