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iam afraid of showing my deep feelings and emotions to my new partner is thos normal?

ive left an abusive marriage and i met a really nice man who really cares about me alot and loves me.
we are engaged to be married too and he says he wants to spend the rest of his life with me.
he shows me so much love and affection the kind of love i always kind of craved for since i was a young girl.
when iam with him intimately i feel these overwelming emptional feelings inside me that i try not to let him see .
iam so afraid to express too much love aswell and he is always the one who initiates kissing and the sexual side he is morecin control aswell which i prefer.
he does ask me how i feel sometimes but i dont really say much coz i dont want to talk about it really or show too much.
i gear that he might leave me oneday or be put off from me if he sees my deepest feelings come out.
even though he keeps saying he wants me with him forever and will never leave me.
does anyone else have or has had these kind of issues? and is it normal?

1 Answers

Anon1576 Answered:

If he loves you he will love the real you. It’s totally understandable and normal to feel the way you do after being in an abusive relationship. It naturally would make someone put their walls up in order not to get hurt again. Talk to him and let him know you’re trying and ask him to be patient.

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