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Should I get divorced?

Should I get divorced?

I am 33 and she is 27 
A crossed culture Married for 1.5 year and knowing each other for 3 years.
I make the money and she works at home. I help her a lot in home as well since my job is remote. We travel a lot outside the U.S.
We love each other and our sex relationship is great

Almost every single day she finds something to argue with me. She hates my job and my start up while I am making great money. I even don’t work after 6 PM as I promised. Her family is in love with me. She is extremely emotional. She beats me when she gets angry. I have couple of bruises on me each time. She always shout at me on small things and then cry. She apologize all the time but the next day again the same story. Self reading books didn’t help and I cloud not convince her for a therapist. She was in the U.S for 1 year for her green card and I thought being homesick can cause this and after receiving the GreenCard, she visited her family for a month but didn’t help. We got marry in the U.S and family couldn’t make it. She was always nagging that she didn’t have a real wedding. Then I did the best wedding (As she admits it) in Thailand with all family and friends but that didn’t help neither. She hates all my friends and colleagues. I am known in my family and friends as a patient person but I think I am putting my and her health and future in danger. I was happier before her. I thought I can share my happy life with another person who I love and create a great family and kids but here I am. When she gets angry which is often happens, she puts me down front of everyone like my friends, colleagues and strangers. When I am telling her that she may need help by a doctor, she gets more angry that she is not crazy.... 

What she is mostly angry of me
  1. I sometimes smoke weed (True)
  2. When we are with family or friends, I pay attention more to them (True)
  3. I don’t always open the car door for her (True)
  4. I love my family too much (True)
  5. I don’t pay attention enough to her (I don’t know what is enough)
  6. I sometimes text and drive (True)
  7. I look at girls in a sexual way ( Wrong) 
  8. I lie to here all the time ( Wrong) 

One side of me is sure that being separated will make me happy again but another side, I feel sorry for her. I know if we get divorced, her family will torture her and I do love her and don’t want this happen. 

I am really confused. Please help me if you have any similar experience and advice. 


Answers (4)

RobKane21 said on

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johnmalkenson said on
I had a very terrible experience with divorce. the relationship was long, but it ended very badly. no matter how much I try to cope with this, no acquaintances help. the only way that helped me to overcome this, find interesting girls and then built a happy relationship was maybe, it would also help you.
maesaints2 said on
Hello! I really hope and pray good things will come your way really soon with you and your wife. Life is short to be unhappy. I hope this could help
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