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Compliancy Sex

I read your article, "How Important is Sex for a Man.
"  There are very many expectations for me.
  Many things I must do per your information, like acknowlege his primary reason for being in a relationship, being married to me, is so he can have a sexual relationship with me.
  You did not include information in this article about Traumatic Stress Related Disorders.
  I meet criteria from years of compliancy sex.
  I sacrificed for his need to feel strength an unity through sex, so he could feel our relationship was alive and strong, so he could ensure we were happy together and we were both getting what we needed out of our relationship, so I could show him that I loved him and that I cared about my relationship, because sex is the one thing that keeps him connected, so that he could see I was making sex a priority so he would stay comitted to me, that it wasn't about what was happening to me physically, it was about his physical inntimacy, it was about staying strong as a couple so that he could really feel understood and appreciated, and sex was a pathway to build and emotional intimacy with me, and because sex was our bond, and how I showed we loved each other.
  I can't be married anymore.
  I can't meet these expections, especially when the sex is so bad and, like 40% or so of women who don't have orgasms with their male partners, he thought I was happy even though I never had orgasms with him, even though I told him sex was often uncomfortable and even sometimes painful he thought I was happy.
  It didn't help that I followed your other recommendations.
  All the benifits he was getting from sex as mentioned above allowed him to ignore and dismiss those tender moments when I pleaded for mercy, tenderness, and help for my sexual well being, and as it turns out, my well being in it's entirety.
  Can you not include information about Post Truamatic Stress Diorders in these kinds of articles for women like me, women whose suffering is all too real? 

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You have to deal with that, sex is really important, I've met a thousand of different people in my life, and they've said that sex is the most important thing in a good relationship, it's not because of the physical pleasure, it's the emotional connection, the feelings. To cut it short a lot of couples broke up because of the sex lack and in the most of the cases that happened because of erectile dysfunction issue. Don't know why those people broke up, ED is easy to cure and you can easily have a normal sexual life using kamagra pris, those pills are really great and you won't hurt yourself taking them so I don't see any problem here, but people are people. Well, to cut it short, sex is important and you have to deal with that if you want to have a normal life with your partner

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