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I came down with post partum depression 4 years ago after I had my daughter, it took me at least two years to get better and I did it on my own with no single help from my husband other than physical n mental abuse.
Fast forward to this year we've moved on from the past, tho I have my struggles I've been handling them well, I'm pregnant again with our second child, 7 months gone and I can say I've never really had any happiness so far, no glow, nothing asides a baby is growing in my womb.
This time is infidelities and mental manipulations I can feel that I'm falling into depression again nd I'm all by myself, as I write this, we have another issue on ground, my body literally hurts, its past 1am midnight nd my husband is out partying.
Someone tell me Its normal for me to feel like I should move out before I die of pain.
I need help.

1 Answers

Sarsharma Answered:

Postpartum depression is very common in ladies after the birth of a child. Even I also have gone through the same situation. So, I can understand your problem. Tips for getting rid of depression:

  • Sunlight exposure can help you to get recover in depression. Sunlight releases a hormone called serotonin, which reduces the risk of depression.
  • Meditation can also help you in recovery in depression. Believe me, It helps me a lot.
  • If your parents are living nearby you then you can leave your children at their place for some time and use that time to pamper yourself.
  • Travel with your children. This will give you a change from your daily routine.
  • Always think that nobody has the rights to make you feel sad. It's you who has rights to create and destroy your smile.

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