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Should I stay or should I go??

I’ve been married 28 years and about 10 years ago I have seen that my husband was sending nudes to an old high school friend and within that 10 years, he has been caught sending and receiving nudes 3 different periods with her not sure how long each time went on for!  So last year he has now come out and said he was a nudist which I’m fine with that but now he’s sending and receiving naked pictures on Snapchat and other online nudist sites and fought over that a lot he is very secretive about it I’ve asked to see his phone he refuses he keeps saying it’s just pictured he’s not sleeping with anyone!  I’m being silly about just pictures or should I get out now! 

1 Answers

Firewife100 Answered:

If it bothers you, then it doesn't matter if he's sleeping with them or not, he needs to stop. The fact that he hides his phone makes me think he hiding something more than just nude photos... You deserve respect! And trust! He's putting HIS wants before the marriage. He's putting a lot on the line just to see some skin... If I were you I would let him know exactly how you feel and if he can't accept that then some marriage counseling and maybe a separation for a little bit, so he can see how much he stands to lose.

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