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He shut me out and finally told me why. Mixed felling...Idk what to do and say?

A bit long so please bear with me x We have been dating about a month and got along really well.
He told me he fancied me and would make time and invested in me.
I hang out at his place quite often and he loved it (no sex I wanted to wait and he respected that) until when he had opened up the first time 2 weeks ago when I confronted him (he has gone quiet, no text for 4 days) that he stressed about his work back home and discovering his dad got cancer lately.
Also, he didn't feel good about himself his look act he said I could do better and not sure how he managed to have me around.
He said all these in tear after I comforted on his weird disappear.
Then he had to go back to his city and he was texting much less since then altho he told me he didn't wanna lose me and sry he had to fly back in sudden.
He got me a vday gift (a pandora) to pick up at his place.
(Cuz already left ) I felt he wasn't really chatting so I gave him space for about 9days then I texted him and he ignored eventually I followed up again that I'm worried about him and he said something along this line " everything has just gone down for me with my dad and work.
It’s been a bit rough and a shock I hope you are well.
I miss you every day.
I know you won’t believe that but I always do.
My financial situation is a bit fucked now because of work and it’s just been disappointing.
So I can’t really be very reliable as a man and can’t even take care of myself at the moment.
So I’m sorry I failed and I let you down.
Thanks for always being so lovely to me.
You’ll always be my *nickname*.
" It's just he had been ignored my text earlier even I said to call me he just said nth for quite many days making me feel like i don't matter and bothering him?? He doesn't interact much so.
I don't know what to say or do because I wanna comfort him but also I don't wanna be pushy and Definitely don't want to be ignored and hanging again.
I care about him very much but it seems he doesn't open up and let me in.
I want to date a man who let me be apart of it.
IDK what he wants from that text? What should I reply or do? please help 

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