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He disappears on me,1 yr relationship woes

I have been with my boyfriend for a year.
I used to be VERY happy and I thought he was as well but somewhere he started disappearing and staying out all night but calling or texting the next day like nothing happened! We never officially moved in together but he always stayed at my home.
He lives with his parents.
I discovered that he has a problem with alcohol.
He claims it's not "that serious" but I'm thinking well why are you disappearing every weekend? I love him but I'm just trying to understand what's happening here? He has taken on two jobs now I never see him it seems like he's pulling away.
When I tell my friends they say oh it's because of the jobs he tired, then other say oh it's the alcohol binges, then other say it's a female Is he disappearing to drink or is he with another women? I want to follow him just to see where he's goes but that's just too crazy! HELP!

1 Answers

Love123 Answered:

If he's disappearing this way, clearly he's hiding something that he does not want you to know. Please try and resolve this matter by speaking to him directly about it. give him a chance to open up to you - try and be patient and understanding, it will help him to speak frakly to you... this is the first step, if however you feel that he is still hiding and being dishonest to you, then you need to take a call about this guy. but of course stalking him is not the right way of going about it.... Make sure you are convinced about your thoughts before taking any step.


Replied on Sep 23, 2014

Yes this is fine.
I am agree with this.

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