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am i gay or bi?

im a guy and my first sexual experience was with a guy (15 year old baby sitter) when i was about 9 or 10 years old.
​ive been married for 18 years.
about 3 years ago i met another guy a younger guy and since then we have been seeing each other, my wife does not know.
about a year or so prior to that my wife and i stopped having sex, shes away alot sometimes half the year she is gone taking care of her medical problems in her home country.
the guy ive been seeing feels guilty about our relationship and wants me to tell my wife.
sex is pretty boring with my wife.
its quick no foreplay planned all according to her criteria.
i love her and dont want a divorce.
but i love him too so im stuck.

1 Answers

bunnyhabit Answered:

if you love a woman and a man you are most definitely bisexual.. gay guys hate sex with females and only do if forced by their boyfriend. how do you feel your wife will react to your bisexual lifestyle? I think easier to find new boyfriend than wife. Just tell your boyfriend you will never hurt your wife by exposure to your kink with him

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