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I'm 27, my husband of only 2 1/2 years says he doesn't love me anymore. What do I do?

Hi,  so ive been married to my husband for 2 1/2 years and have been together for 7 years.
We are both 27.
about a month ago now, an argument that stemmed from husband coming home late from being at the pub (couldn't get hold of him for 3 hours and didn't know that was what he was doing) ended up in him telling me he loved me but isn't 'in love with me' anymore.
We were also actively trying to start a family for the past 4 months.
he's had a lot of disappointments recently career-wise and has a history of mental health issues, but what started as a statement followed by lots of sorrow and guilt on husband part, has become him acting like he absolutely hates me.
The other day is had enough and told him that if he wants to work on this we have to work together (currently he's booked himself to  see a counsellor alone, and while that is great, I am concerned it won't help our marriage as I'm involved in that and should have a voice!)  am am I being a push over allowing him to continue living with me? We don't have any children.
I'm trying to act normal and say goodnight- love you etc and he never reciprocates.
It hurts but I can't bare to push him away by asking him to leave, but I don't know how much longer I can cope with such resentment.
Also important to add that before this argument I genuinely thought we had a great marriage and we were both happy.
He certainly acted it! Any help and advice would be so appreciated! 

1 Answers

xena16 Answered:

Stress can ruin a marriage. The best thing to do is you go to Therapy and get the tolls you need to deal with this. Pscologist will help you. Take care of your self. I thought if my husband is not getting help then why should I. But realized I needed therapy to work out my issues. Good Luck. I hope you find some peace. Zena16

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