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How do I ask my annoyed husband for help?

My husband is often annoyed and angry with me.
How do I ask him for help ? I need his help right now because I’m sick.
He won’t help me unless I ask.
It’s hard for me because I feel like an inconvenience every time I ask him for help.
I feel guilt and I know he’s annoyed.
I’ve only ever been with him since I was 14.
Now married with 2 beautiful kids and I’m 27.
I don’t know how to ask for help.
I needed to sleep in this morning because I’m tired and I don’t feel good.
Kids were at the bed by 7am of course he didn’t flintch a muscle knowing they were up.
So I tended to the kids.
Headache, body ache, constant feeling like I have to sneeze the whole thing.
But hubby? He’s sleeping like a baby until 12 noon.
 I accidentally woke him by going into he room and he snarles , why do you have to kee coming in here !?” Like common dude it’s neary noon, I don’t feel good.
Would be great if you weren’t sleeping in like I could’ve really used that.
He’s mad at me because I didn’t ask.
I’m mad because he didn’t offer, knowing I’m sick.
 is it on me to ask? Is it wrong to hope he’ll offer ?

1 Answers

xena16 Answered:

That isCommunication. Lacking from it. Let your feelings out. Let him know how you are feeling. He is not a mine reader. Just ask for help He needs to realize you have issues. Do not hold in your Questions or wants.IT will wind up hurting you in the long run. Making you more sick. Start by telling him the truth on how you feel. Zena16

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