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Should I move on or be with my fiancé and get married?

I was engaged last year, it was all arranged by my parents but I have fell in love with my fiancé (although he was not very caring).
Now there are some issues and our engagement has almost ended because my parents do not find my fiancé and his family suitable for me.
Should I move on or be with my fiancé and get married?

2 Answers

Niko Kovac Answered:

It's soon to get married since you are having problems with her. Better to resolve everything before getting married and try to create more understanding with her. Get along with her friends and parents. Once you fully understand each everything about her then you should make a marriage proposal to her. Good luck!


Xena69 Answered:

I dont think you should get married. From what story you told me. Arranged marriages hardly ever work. The only one to please is your self to be happy. Tell the Truth and get out

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