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Am I wrong in feeling abandoned and left out?

My wife and I are both 36, we have 4 kids ranging from 3-13 my wife left for a girls trip with one of her college friends to Disney world I’m really having a hard time with the fact that she left on Valentine’s Day  a day later or the next weekend would be okay, but on Valentine’s Day she spent Valentine’s Day and night with her best friend halfway across the country  at Disney world and didn’t call all day till I tried calling her at midnight she tells me I should be supportive of her and I was ruining her trip when I tried talking to her about it

1 Answers

Paranoid Answered:

My wife and I consider Valentine's Day 1 in 365 days in a year. Other than commericals shoving candy down your throat, there's nothing that seperates it, from any other day and anything we'd do to be romantic, can be accomplished on literally, any other day of the year. You can buy flowers, candy, get intimate, go on a date, have a fancy dinner, any other day in the year. It seems like the issue here, isn't that she "abandoned you" on Valentine's Day, specifically...

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