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Should I stay or leave?

I married my boyfriend 8 months ago.
Only after 2 months of marriage he started beating me up! My in-laws keep provoking him against me all the time.
My husband drinks daily and then fights with me over little things.
He has become stone hearted for me.
Does not sleep wid me, does not talk to me, shows absolutely no concern and care for me, and no love.
Things are getting worse.
I have tried to improve things many time but he does not even listen to me now! My husband and my mother-in-law are making my life hell! They are physically and mentally exploiting me.
What to do? Should I try and wait for my husband to change? Or leave this marriage.
I still have feelings for him but then the circumstances are ironic.
plz plz plz help.

2 Answers

N_marriage Answered:

You should not be afraid of taking a bold decision like divorce if you are thoroughly convinced that there is no scope for improvement in the marriage, Especially in the case of mental and physical torture, this one is a no-brainer. Please understand that no woman deserves a life where she is abused and not loved. Your comment that it is hard to take a step like this due to societal pressure is understandable. However, do remember that even in the most advanced western countries, it is not not easy for women to walk out on their marriages. But it has to be done since there is no other way out. You cannot continue to live and waste your entire life on a man who is not bothered about you. Please be convinced of this, Your life is way too precious and amazing,,.,,,,after this phase, you will understand that it was all for the best. Once you take a stand, then your parents also will surely support you in re-starting your life again. I wish you good luck! 

Love-buddy Answered:

Please be practical. Clearly it was a wrong decision to marry him. No woman should stand physical abuse. Please discuss matters with your close family - like your parents or close friends. Ask them to intervene to solve the issues if you feel you're unable to do this on your own. if they hit you again, then go to the police. do not be afraid to do may have feelings for your husband but if he does not feel in the same way and has no appreciation or love or anything at all to give you except mental torture, then in time you'll only wonder if it was worth anything.

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