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Difficult circumstances

 I am from France and have been married for 6 years to my husband, whom I had met in London.
We even have a 5-year old boy.
Since last year, my relations with my husband have gotten strained due to his work-related complications.
My husband works as a freelance financial consultant and since the last year, the work’s that’s coming his ways has not been very regular.
I used to raise this issue and often encouraged him to step out of his comfort zone and get something more stable.
However, he mostly dismissed the matter and blamed the lousy economic conditions for the irregularity.
All this while, I have been paying most of the bills and even try to support him in every way possible.
There is still no financial stability; money comes in at times and goes out faster than imagines.
We have lost the old touch we used to share and constantly end up arguing on this issue many times.
I don’t want to look like the ‘bad, unsupportive wife’ but its frustrating for me to work extra hours and pay most of the bills, including our son’s school fees.
Worst of all, he doesn't care for my feelings and is snappy and outright selfish at times.
What should I do? Please advise… Angela

1 Answers

Graham Answered:

Your problem is a maze. But cheers! Because there is always a way to come out of the maze. It really hurts when your life partner simply walks away of all the mutual responsibilities required to cater to being in a family. You may take a hard step if you think you can not solve the situation. Leave him for a while, do not go divorce but just make him realize that you can go away. I am pretty sure he will come back to you like a dog to its proprietor. This is one way. But there can be many other ways. You might have misunderstood your husband in this case. He might have been trying his best but couldn't really find work. In that case, you should try to get the view of the problem from his prespective. He might just need your support.

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