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Husband doesn’t show any affection

Hi experts, I got married 11months ago.
It was an arrange marriage from matrimonial app.
He is from US and I was in India before our wedding so didn’t get much time to hang out and spend time together.
Now I am with my husband in USA from last 8 months.
From starting I have been observing that he doesn’t touch me (kiss, hug or cuddles, etc).
  Intially for 2-3 months i thought this phase is to know about each other and maybe that’s why he doesn’t show his love and care.
But then slowly I started asking him that why don’t you love or care for me.
he always reply that I do love you but actually I don’t feel any affection or intimacy in our relationship.
I started complaining him that why don’t you feel like to touch me he always says we do touch each other but actually whenever we touch it’s from my side.
I always initial for kiss, hug or cuddle and even for sex also he never initiated.
He always sees if I want something then he join me and sometimes he denied to have sex I felt so hurtful.
How can he be so emotionalless person.
I’m really terrified now I feel like he has some serious problem.
He doesn’t want to talk to me he is trying to be busy himself with his stuff like playing instruments, reading and watching tv shows.
I feel like he has no desire from partner.
After dinner he immediately go to sleep.
  I’m so worried and heartbroken.
I am crying everyday because of his behavior.
Even if I cry he doesn’t care.
He says it’s only you who controls you.
I know all those things but how can you service in relationship without any emotional or physical connection.
Kindly help me which situation.
I don’t know what to do.
I have discussed with my sister and friends they think he has some serious issue 

2 Answers

Hello, I can understand what you are facing emotionally and sincerely sympathize with you on that. The fact remains that your man maybe facing erectile problem which is making him not to have interest in you sexually and that has negatively affected him from being a romantic husband for you. Been that you guys did not date for at least one year before marriage, you don't know about his sexual life and he is finding it difficult to relate it with you regarding the fact that he doesn't know how you will feel about it. No complete man can Stay with his wife without approaching her for intimacy no matter how hectic his days may always be. With lovely voice, call his attention, don't insult him so he will not hide anything from you. Ask him about his sex life and how does he view sex both currently and in his previous relationship? If he doesn't give you good response, report him to someone in his family that he always listen to his or her words. It will be crucial that you guys visit the hospital so that his erectile issue will be resolved. Read more about Marriage and Relationships at........


You are NOT wrong. He has issue. If you are married, he is responsible and required to service you physically and provide for you emotionally. If he doesn't he is no man. You need a man. You sound like an amazing wife.

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