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Cant Maintain Erect Not sure the Probelm Please Advice.

HI All Need some urgent Advice.
We are Expecting.
Recently my Wife missed the cycle Doctor advised to wait for 60 days to see the results.
For that 60 Days we didnt had Intercourse.
But Periodically I did mastrubate weekly once or Twice.
After 60 Days went to the doc came to know the blood work is also negative Doctor advised to take follow Provera Tab to start the Period Cycle.
My wife took and per period got over.
After Period when i Intercourse I am not able to maintain Erection.
Even a small Distraction or thought just make me loosing the Erection.
I am not sure Whether I have Erectile Dysfunction.
Please Kindly advice.
Please Help it will be great helpfull.

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