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Asked by Last Updated:

I love to a hindu girl. I am muslim.

I love to hindu girl.
but affair with 'LOVE JIHAD'.
I want to marry her.
What should i do?

3 Answers

N_marriage Answered:

Then don't marry her. If there are so many problems already, after you marry her, there will be other major ones that will come up. I suggest you not to take this step..... End the relationship as soon as you can. All the best!

Aslam_parwez Answered:

@Love-buddy, This is not possible. I am affairing with Love Jihad. You don't know sitution in india. I will respect her but it will become national news if i will marry with her.

Love-buddy Answered:

If you want to marry her, then be a man and marry her. What stops you? you know that she belongs to a diff religion. if you can stand by her for the rest of your life, give her the respect she deserves and enjoy life with no matter what, then go for it. Religion should not be a point of conflict...

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