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Should we fix or end?

Ok, I have had issues with substance abuse my entire adult life.
I met my wife in 2016 and we married in May of 2018.
The "honeymoon" period of our relationship was great, but as soon as I messed up and used, our relationship took a turn.
I have put her through a lot with a handful of screw ups with my addiction.
I have been clean for about 6 months now but everytime we fight, she brings up the past and the argument always gets bad.
She has started to hit me, kick me, throw things at me (including a Mason jar that I was able to dodge) and bring up a fire that I was in before I met her.
She call me a piece of s**t that blew myself up and then she will tell me she is divorcing me and she Hope's I go and kill myself.
I get it, people do and say things in the heat of the moment.
I am guilty of saying some harsh things to her a few times as well.
She will tell me that I deserve it for the things I have said to her but she has made up for it and then some.
I have never been physically violent towards her and I am honestly concerned that one of these times, there will be something close and she will actually hurt me.
I would like to believe that she wouldn't because I dont think she could, but in the heat of the moment, it only takes a thought and then it happens.
My question is if this is a normal couple problem or if we should seriously consider divorcing.
About once every couple weeks this will happen.
We are great the rest of the time.

1 Answers

xena16 Answered:

Sometimes its better to go your own way. give her some peace. Time away will bring you closer to your wife. That was a toxic relationship. professional doctors can also help Xena16

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