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Wife wearing revealing clothing in public

My wife and I have been married for 3 years, and things are generally good.
She and I both have professional jobs, and busy lives.
She also has a tendency to wear fairly revealing clothing at times -at least when we are on vacation or out.
For instance, she has worn very short shorts, wears thong bikinis, and has taken her top off at a beach.
I don't think I'm supposed to feel jealous, but she gets a lot of attention.
I'm just wondering what a normal reaction to this is.
  Hopefully, this is the right forum to ask.

5 Answers


I wished I had that problem with my wife. She is "Mrs. Conservative" Every time I see a nice sundress or I say "I wished my wife would wear that in public" Heck she won't even dress sexy in the house. Your wife has a lot of self-confidence. Be happy about that and let her know how sexy she looks to you!!


Men being turned on by their wife attracting the attention of other men goes back to the beginning of man. Most people haven’t listened close enough to know but the song SAVE THE LAST DANCE FOR ME by the Drifters is actually about this very topic and falls just short of the modern day Hot Wide idea


I've thought about seeing her with another guy after watching a couple staring or flirting with her, but I'm not sure what that says.


Hello there, It sounds to me as if you're not sure if you like it or not. A "normal" reaction varies depending on who you ask. Although she is very conservative on the daily , I love when my wife and I go out on vacation where no one knows us and she wears revealing clothing. It turns me on when I know other men desire her. Have you ever thought of seeing your wife with another man? If so, does it turn you on?


Replied on Mar 08, 2019

I agree with d1scoverme.
I'm still married to bride #1 and this year will be 34 years.
Things have cooled off of course and honestly my wife is 54 but passes for 34.
In fact most people ask if she and our daughter who is 30 are sisters.
Two years ago at a funeral my nephew was ask if she was my son's wife.
Our son is 25.
I say all that to say this.
Its a huge turn on to me when we go on vacation and she wears something sexy that she wouldn't normally wear and I see the heads turn and the eyes lock in on my beautiful bride.
Now that's me but the question is can you handle the attention she gets? If not then you need to think first why there is a problem.
Is ir a trust issue or just simple jealousy? Its not for everyone and should be worked out in each individual case to make you both happy.
I will say in closing that before you shut the door open up and tell yourself how lucky you are to be the one taking her home while the other guys can only dream.
Then talk to her on the way back to you condo, hotel or even at home and tell her how hot she looked and how all eyes were on her and prepare for some really hot sex when you walk in the door

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