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How would you react to this situation?

I was sitting in my office having a chat with my husband and owner of our company when one of his female employees entered the room.
She went passed me and straight to him and told him that her head was kind of itchy and that she was afraid she had lice.
She then ask if he would search her head for lice as she turned around and put her head in front of him.
He then proceeded to pull apart sections of her hair searching for lice! We clearly disagree on our feelings about the event.
What are your thoughts?

1 Answers

FED-UP Answered:

Wow! This is absurd. #1. The female employee sounds immature and unprofessional to ask such a thing at work. #2. Your husband disrespected you by fondling her hair ... and was also unprofessional. #3. This female needs to know her role. I believe a couple things should have been said to shut that stunt down quick. '[FEMALE] - this is not the time nor the place' . OR '[FEMALE] - lice is spread by contact. so why don't you go treat yourself and don't come back till you are itch free' There would have been war at home with my husband for obvious reasons. My husband better hope i don't see him touching another woman's hair. Your husband should have said 'No thanks. i think you should step out. we are in the middle of a discussion' And i would have checked his head for lice once we were home. [This female might be trying to let you know something in a round-about way.]

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