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Wife has Snapchat

So my wife has Snapchat and the other day I was looking at it and I asked her what this “for your eyes only photos” was? She kinda avoided it right away and then I kept pressing and she finally said oh it’s where I keep the pics you send me so the kids don’t see them.
I said ok then open it.
So she “tried” opening it and said she couldn’t remember her password.
 She got blocked for 5 minutes because of too many wrong passwords, at the same time I’m looking up on my phone and I read that to get a new password means everything in the folder will be deleted.
 So she got a new password and everything was gone.
Was she hiding something??

1 Answers

LibertyDating Answered:

If she was, then there are reasons for that. If she wasn't, then there are reasons for that also. How does she react to other things that she might want to keep private? How about her conversations with her friends? If you look at related situations, then you'll find some golden nugget insights into how she reacts to private stuff that you ask about. Because it might be a sincere mistake, it might not.

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