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Sexually dissatisfied with my husband

I’m married now for 3 years with a baby.
My husband is a good care taker and we love each other.
My husband is no more in to sex but I have sex thrive.
There comes the next problem even though he is trying to make love there is no passion or anything in it I will not even turned on.
He is not an expert in fore play within few minuets he expect to put it in.
Now comes the biggest problem of all his manhood is around 3 inches and not so thick.
I barely feel it inside and not getting any pleasure out of sex.
But I crave for an incredible sex with deeper penetrations.
I’m unable to share my thoughts with him as he will easily get offended and become inferior.
I’m tired of faking during sex.
I’m not at all happy with my sex life.
How to over come this situation?

3 Answers

urjakit Answered:

Try some sex medicine

LibertyDating Answered:

Why not try a strap-on, have him put it on in a while, and have him thrust with it?

Thegorgeousmisery Answered:

You could just masturbate on your own? Telling him you feel this way can be a big blow to his confidence, your probably right. If he isn't interested in sex then that explains his lack of attention to foreplay, if you want it to become any better & not cheat then you must talk with him & let him know your not happy. I must ask, have you ever been happy with the sex? If you were, have a think and try & figure out what has changed other than his libido.


Replied on Sep 06, 2020

Sadly I’m not a masturabating person and our foreplays are always brief.
Never attained satisfaction in my marriage life sex.
But I love him.
Day by day I’m craving for deeper thrust which I know that’s impossible in my marriage life and I never wanna cheat him

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