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Husband using money against me

I am a housewife,i do not work since 3 years(since my marriage he said he wants me to be home in start).
Anyway my husband has started using this against me,just recently while i was discussing about a birthday gift for my father he says "so who did you ask to do that? its not like its your money,its mine" .
Now,this was very low,even before he used to say i spend too much and i am not the breadwinner and i should know how to spend,but to say i can not buy a gift for my father was the loest he could get.
And i seriouslty consider a divorce now.
am i overreacting? i have already looked up for a job now,and i will start working,but can i live with a man like this? how would you react?

1 Answers

LibertyDating Answered:

Before you throw the baby out with the bathwater, find that job and appreciate that job. Then you will have a new perspective on how things may work out better. It might be the case that living in separate houses is the option for you. And from there, you may look for new intersections that are both a happy space for you and for him. Or, you could divorce him, but then you'd need to find a man that's not into controlling money, if you'd want a man still. But that process takes a bit longer on average. Best scenario: - You have your own money, or there is a clear agreement on what % is yours, and what % is his, and what % is your together money. Meaning: the % that's his, you can't have input about how he spends it, if he spends it, and when he spends it. Same goes for your %. You'd want to spend that guilt-free. Same vice-versa.

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