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How do you know to keep fighting to stay married or to give up?

I need help in forgiving my husband or deciding if enough is enough.
Four months ago I was in a terrible car accident that could have easily claimed my life.
I was extremely lucky to be able to be conscious after calling my husband.
In my time that I needed him most, he was cruel to me, screaming at me to get to the other car and see if they were ok even though I told him I couldn’t walk.
He said he didn’t f*cking care and to get my a** over there.
Ever since my marriage hasn’t been the same.
I’m having trouble forgiving him since these conversations happen so often now, in the heat of the moment I will mention counseling, however whenever I actually try to act on it he does not want to go and thinks we shouldn’t spend money on something we don’t “need”.
Any suggestions for what I should do?

1 Answers

LibertyDating Answered:

Create a list of things that help you enjoy moments with him. And create a list of those things that he doesn't enjoy doing with you. Then normalize the actual intersections between you guys, because you then have a platform of nice things to stand on. And then you can work on changing the frames.

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