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She doesn’t do or like forplay

Me and my partner have been together seven years we have two kids and have a really good relationship apart from I find sex very boring I have a high sex drive and hers seems to be non existent she never wants any forplay and she certainly doesn’t want to give it she never wants to talk about sex she just gets all strange and confrontational I ask for things and I also ask to do things for her she never orgasums I fact way back at the beginning I had her close one time by fingering her but she made me stop so she didn’t Finnish I really love her and my kids so don’t want the relationship to end but sometimes I feel il have no choice as at 31 I don’t want my sex life to be over I’ve tried thousands of times to set the mood etc but all she is interested in is getting the deed over with rather than enjoying it and getting anything from it

1 Answers

bunnyhabit Answered:

have you discussed these "games over" responses with her? it appears she is being the self centered brat. do you suspect she has a OM as an AP? perhaps her AP is limiting her affection to you.   perfect syncing is a impossiblity between two individuals. you will always have ups and downs in any relationship. always show consideration for her feelings over anyone else except yourself. tell her you expect an active and inventive sex life (at least three times a week). always portray yourself as the manly head of your marriage. let her know that you will not put up with her current behavior much longer. dangle the big D as result of her lack of participation in your marriage. 

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